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Is Byte the Best Home Teeth Aligner?

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Byte Reviews - Best Home Teeth Aligners
Byte is our #1 choice for home teeth straightening. They have the best customer support, fastest treatment timeline, and more.
Treatment Quality Orthodontist-overseen treatment plans
Treatment Speed 3 month average treatment time
Bang For Your Buck $1,795 includes Aligners + HyperByte
Customer Service Customer support exceeds expectations
Noticeability Most users prefer Byte's aligner appearance
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Customer Service

No one likes to go to the dentist. Frankly, it’s a hassle: you have to set up an appointment and endure the annoyance of the dentist’s office. Then they give you a referral to the orthodontist, making you repeat the process. All. Over. Again. Is a straight smile worth all the trouble?

Luckily, there’s an alternative: you can get a million-dollar smile from the comfort of your own home with home teeth aligners. Using a home alignment system, you can ditch the dentist and straighten your teeth on your own. Home aligners aren’t just convenient, either. For many people, they’re also much faster and cheaper than braces.

In this review we’ll help you decide if Byte is the right choice for your smile.


Is Byte Legit?

Customer Reviews of Byte Is Byte LegitHaven’t heard of Byte? That’s probably because they’re a new face in the industry.

Founded in August of 2018, Byte has already served thousands of customers. Why have they succeeded so quickly? Byte’s innovative HyperByte cuts the typical treatment time in half compared to other systems.

Here’s something else to love about Byte: they’re giving back to the community. Military veterans get a nice discount. Plus, they’ve launched Byte cares, an initiative to give a winning smile to 10,000 people who couldn’t afford one otherwise.


How Does Byte Work?

Byte is relatively simple: they ship you an impression kit. Then, you take molds of your teeth, and send them back so Byte can design and ship custom aligners to kick off your treatment. For most people, treatment lasts 3 months. Here’s a fly-by of what to expect when using Byte:

Step 1: You order an Impression Kit from Byte and “Impress Yourself.” Using their kit, you’ll create molds of your teeth and send them back to Byte; shipping is easy thanks to a prepaid shipping label.

Step 2: Byte analyzes the mold you’ve created to develop a treatment plan that’s unique to you.

Step 3: Pay for your treatment all in one go, or sign up for Bytepay and pay as you go.

Step 4: You wear the custom aligners sent to you by Byte and gradually make your way to a straighter smile.


Byte Prices and Features

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Byte is more affordable than braces, but there is still cost involved. Here’s the impact Byte will have on your wallet:

  • Impression kit, $95 ($29 after discount): The impression kit gets the ball rolling with your treatment. The kit’s cost is non-refundable unless you’re not a candidate for treatment. That said, the impression kit includes an orthodontist review and a customized treatment plan at no extra cost. And sometimes you can catch it on sale for as low as $30.
  • Total cost of treatment, $1,895 ($1,795 after discount): The system includes everything you’ll need to straighten your teeth without stepping foot in the orthodontist’s office. You’ll get all the aligners in your treatment, the HyperByte system, and a free month of Byte’s whitening treatment.

Byte offers two payment options: you can pay the $1,795 all in one go, or you can enroll in Bytepay. There is no credit approval involved, so less-than-stellar credit scores can still get straight smiles. Bytepay requires a $249 downpayment, and then its $83 a month after that.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Byte

Byte and other home teeth aligner systems are all pretty convenient, but there are other perks, too.

Byte Advantages

✔ Byte’s HyperByte device enables treatment times that are (on average) twice as fast as the competition. Basically, you use the HyperByte for five minutes each day in conjunction with your clear aligners. Using high-frequency vibrations, it ensures better-fitting aligners and faster shifts.

✔ Byte is buyer-friendly. Regardless of your credit score, you can get started with a quick down payment and a monthly fee starting at $83/month (or $98/month for byte At-Night).

✔ Byte offers a lifetime smile guarantee: if your teeth shift after treatment, Byte sends you new aligners at no additional cost. Aftercare retainers are free, too.

Byte Disadvantages

✖ Byte is best suited for cosmetic dental cases. They can handle some complicated cases, but if you need extensive corrections, you’d be better off visiting your orthodontist or using an in-office treatment.

✖ Byte doesn’t have retail locations like Candid or SmileDirectClub, so ordering an impression kit is the only way to get started.


Byte: Treatment Efficiency

Everyone will have a slightly different experience with Byte. That’s because everyone’s smile is different. Your treatment timeline depends on a few factors:

  • The severity of your teeth crowding or spacing
  • How long you wear your aligners each day
  • Whether or not you regularly use the HyperByte

Byte prides themselves on their ability to perfect your smile faster than their competitors. Most treatments take about 6 months; but with Byte, the average treatment lasts just 3 months.

This speed advantage is thanks to their HyperByte device, which uses vibrations to help shift your teeth faster than aligners alone. Not only does this speed up your treatment, but it also reduces discomfort for most customers.


Byte Customer Reviews

Byte Reviews Online

Buying anything on the internet is convenient, but sometimes it’s hard to trust. In the “old days,” you could just ask your family and neighbors for their recommendations. Now, word of mouth often gets replaced with online reviews. What are other customers saying about Byte?

It’s important to account for both the good and the bad. So, here are a few of the things customers like about Byte:

✔ Easy to use the impression kit and aligners

✔ Noticeable results within a matter of weeks

✔ Excellent customer service

But there are a few drawbacks, too:

✖ Mix-ups can occur with dental insurance billing

✖ Doesn’t ship to North Carolina (still in the works)

Unless you’re in North Carolina, Byte is a pretty safe bet for satisfactory treatment and customer service. Insurance mix-ups can be frustrating across any industry, so that’s not a make-or-break factor. Honestly, unless your dental insurance includes orthodontic treatment, it makes little difference. And Byte’s positives far outweigh their negatives.


Should You Use Byte?

Byte has a lot of positives, but that doesn’t mean that they’re right for everyone. Let’s talk about when you should use Byte and when you should steer clear.

When to use Byte:

Byte can treat most mild and moderate cases, even if you’ve had braces before. If you’re in a hurry, Byte is the best option: they’re twice as fast as most competitors.

When NOT to use Byte:

If you have a bite issue like underbite or a severe case of crowding or spacing, then you’re probably not a good candidate for any home alignment system—Byte or otherwise. A note about their impression kit: Byte does not account for bite issues with the impression system. You’ll be considered a candidate (and thus lose any chance of a deposit) so long as your crowding or spacing isn’t too severe. If your bite issue is the root cause of your teeth’s positioning, you may find that the treatment isn’t effective, even though Byte will be willing to try.

Final Verdict:

All told, Byte is a great option. They’re honestly our favorite service. Sure, they’re pretty new to the industry. But they balance a relatively affordable fee (especially with financing) with reliable, speedy treatment that’s vetted by licensed orthodontists. Their guarantee to maintain your smile for life means they stand by their treatment, too.

overall rating
Byte Reviews - Best Home Teeth Aligners
Byte is the Top Rated Home Aligner

Byte has the best customer support, fastest treatment timeline, and more. Get 70% off your Impression Kit + $100 off aligners through our special offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Byte Have Good Customer Support?

Byte keeps their customers at the center of all they do, and it shines through in their customer support. They’re fairly easy to get in touch with via phone, email, and even social media. A phone call is the fastest method—you can call them from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (PST). Social media and email queries take a bit longer, though – you may wait up to 24 hours for a response.

Regardless of how you contact Byte, customers rave about their support service, even mentioning their customer service agent by name.

Each Byte customer also gets their own personal byte advisor. This advisor checks in periodically to ensure your journey to a straight smile is going well. No other home aligner company provides this level of personalized care.

Does Byte ever offer discounts?

Byte seldom runs “sales” other than their primary discount to Byte that saves you $165. However, Byte does have a Military Discount Program. All military service members get $150 off their treatment, and they have discount programs for students and first responders.

What if I’m not happy with the outcome?

Byte is (largely) a non-refundable service. The only refund they offer is for their impression kit, which goes to individuals who aren’t good candidates for treatment.

However, Byte does promise that you’ll love your smile for life. If your teeth shift after finishing treatment, even years down the road, Byte will give you new aligners, free of charge.

Are there any good Byte alternatives?

Is Byte right for you? (Sorry for the cheesy rhyme; we had to at least once!) But in all seriousness, your smile is a big decision. You keep it for life! So, you’ll also want to consider all the alternatives that are available. Here are some options to keep in mind:

1) Candid is a well-established name in the industry, so if you favor size and experience, they’re worth considering. Candid also maintains physical locations, so there’s less wait for shipping.

2) Byte is many things, but “cheapest” isn’t one of them (though we think they’re a fair value). That honor goes to AlignerCo. AlignerCo prides themselves on being the most affordable home aligner treatment—and their price tag of $1,145 proves it.

3) With Smile Direct, you can take advantage of a nighttime treatment option to avoid wearing your aligners all day. They also have more than 300 office locations across the country, so it’s convenient to get started.

Does Byte offer nighttime-only treatment?

Yes! If you use Byte’s nighttime-only treatment, then your treatment schedule will look a touch different. You’ll change your aligners less often and use HyperByte twice as long each day. But you’ll only need to wear them 10 hours per day to see results. Rather than the average 3-month treatment time, Byte’s nighttime-only route takes roughly 4-6 months.

Do I need an X-ray before Byte treatment?

No X-ray needed with Byte! The impression kit is all you need to get started, and it measures the spaces and orientation of your teeth, not your bone structure. That’s assuming you have a relatively normal bone structure, though. If you suspect that your jaw is a slightly different shape or that you have a bad overbite or underbite, then you may want to get an X-ray to be sure.

How does Byte compare to Candid, SnapCorrect, AlignerCo, and Smile Direct?

Byte is not the cheapest service (that honor goes to AlignerCo), nor is it the most experienced service on the market. However, they offer flexible payment options and exceptional customer service.

But what makes Byte really stand out is the speed of their treatment time – just 3 months (on average) thanks to their HyperByte technology. That’s really short compared to Smile Direct’s 6 months and the 18-month average for braces.

Is Byte better than braces and Invisalign?

It all depends on what you mean by “better.” Braces, Invisalign, and Byte will all get the job done and leave you with an impressive grin. The real questions are how fast does treatment go, and how much are you willing to spend? Of all these options, Byte is the cheapest and quickest treatment.

Is Byte cheaper than braces or Invisalign?

Yes! Byte is cheaper than both traditional braces and Invisalign. Before insurance, Byte costs $1,895 (or $2,245 for byte At-Night). Invisalign can cost several thousand dollars before insurance. The same goes for braces. Ultimately, Byte can cost thousands less.

Does Byte treatment last forever?

Occasionally, teeth will shift post-treatment. As you age (or for women, during pregnancy), your teeth have a tendency to move. If that happens, Byte promises to help. Their unrivaled Byte-For-Life guarantee ensures your smile for life. Just let them know that your smile has changed, and they’ll provide you with new aligners free of charge.

Does Byte offer teeth whitening services?

Yes! Byte includes BrightByte with every new customer kit. If you ever run out, you can buy a new bottle for $30 each. Buy a 6-bottle supply to get a unit price of $20.

I’m in a rush – is Byte the fastest at-home treatment option available?

Byte prides themselves on their HyperByte system, which can halve treatment time for most users. That makes them the fastest treatment option on the market today.

Does Byte have a refund policy?

Byte does not offer refunds for their aligners or impression kits. The only exception to this: if you take impressions and turn out not to be a good candidate for treatment, they’ll refund the impression kit price along with anything you prepaid on your aligners. But if your smile doesn’t progress as expected, their orthodontists will work with you to get it back on track.

What happens if I mess up my impressions?

We’ll let Byte speak for themselves here: “If you send your impressions back and we can’t create an accurate set of aligners, we’ll contact you and send another impression kit.” Simple, right?

Does Byte have upsells?

Byte doesn’t have any hard upsells during their order process. They do have a soft one by including a free bottle of their whitening treatment, but that’s it. And since there’s no commitment to buy the whitener, it’s not really a true upsell.

Is there an age requirement for using Byte?

Byte treats anyone ages 12 and up. However, they do need written parental consent to treat anyone younger than 18.

A related note: Byte recommends that you think about your wisdom teeth before getting alignment treatment. If you suspect you’ll need them removed, it’s in your best interest to take care of that first. Then your treatment will be the most effective.

Will Byte make me talk funny?

With any home aligner system, you have a foreign object in your mouth. That’s unavoidable. So, your mouth might feel a bit funny, and you could have the slightest hint of a lisp. For most people, though, the aligners are minimally invasive and practically imperceptible to others.

How many hours a day should I wear my Byte aligners?

If you use traditional Byte treatment, you need to wear your aligners for 22 hours a day. If you opt for the nighttime version, you’ll only wear them for ten hours each day. You’ll have to use HyperByte for 10 minutes instead of the usual 5, though.

Can I drink coffee while using Byte?

With any aligners, you should not eat or drink anything (except water) with your aligners in. That said, you can remove them during meals and snacks, drink, replace them, and repeat as needed.

What happens if I lose my aligners (or retainers)?

Byte doesn’t offer free replacements for lost aligners. However, you can get a replacement for $99. Byte also recommends that you wear your most recent aligner in the meantime while waiting on the replacement.

Is Byte covered by insurance?

Byte works hand-in-hand with many insurance companies, but not all insurance types cover orthodontic treatment. Curious? Byte will run a free coverage check for you; just send them the details on your insurance card.

How Can I Contact Byte’s Customer Support?

You can contact Byte through their social media channels, but for more traditional support, it’s best to contact them via phone or email.

Ready to Get Started?

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overall rating
Byte Reviews - Best Home Teeth Aligners
Byte is the Top Rated Home Aligner

Byte has the best customer support, fastest treatment timeline, and more. Get 70% off your Impression Kit + $100 off aligners through our special offer.