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Clear Aligner DiscountsNew at-home clear aligner services like Byte and Smile Direct Club have already saved millions of people money on orthodontic care. By replacing office visits with remote professional care, these online companies are able to sell clear aligners for a fraction of the cost of braces or Invisalign.

That said, the $1,900 average cost of home-based clear aligners is still a significant investment. That’s why we’ve assembled this master index of the discounts and promotions offered by the top clear aligner companies: Byte, Smile Direct Club, AlignerCo, and Candid.

Quick Note: We do our best to keep this index up to date, but you’ll need to check each company’s site to confirm the listed deal.

Byte: Best Overall Value
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Coming in third place on our list of favorites is AlignerCo, a hidden gem in the home aligner scene. They may not be as well-known as some competitors like Byte or Smile Direct, but we’re here to shed some light on this lesser-known company.

Long story short: AlignerCo is the most affordable at-home aligner company. They’re hundreds cheaper than most of their competitors. How? AlignerCo skips the extra “bells and whistles” like whitening to give you just what you need—the aligners to perfect your smile. So if you’re craving an orthodontic treatment that’s easy on your wallet, look no further than AlignerCo.

What the Discount Covers

AlignerCo’s base price is just $1,145, so you won’t find any discounts saying “get $400 off your aligners” like you might for other companies. That said, you can score a deal on your impression kit, which is vital to kicking off your treatment. The normal price for the kit is $75, but this discount gets you the kit for just $39.99. (Quick note: you can also get this kit for free if you pay for your entire treatment kit up front).

Beyond this discount, you can also use a referral discount code to score $100 off your aligners. So if one of your friends has used AlignerCo, ask them to refer you (they’ll get $100 as a thank-you, so they’ll be glad to).

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$30 Impression Kit

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Smile Direct is the oldest at-home aligner company on the market, and it shows in their online presence. They’ve served more than a million customers. Thanks to their size, Smile Direct is a very convenient service—you probably live close to at least one of their SmileShops. If you do, you can visit one and have a free consultation to kick off your treatment.

Smile Direct is also one of just two companies to offer nighttime treatment, too. Many busy adults find that nighttime aligners are easier to use than daytime aligners.

What the Discount Covers

Smile Direct’s base price is also much more affordable than braces: $1,895. But you don’t want to forget about the cost of your impression kit, either. Normally, if you can’t visit a SmileShop, you’d need to pay $128 for a kit. But with our code, you’ll spend just $29.

Smile Direct also throws in free whitening treatment, too. You’ll get pens to start with, and then Smile Direct will also send you their LED light tool when you return your impression kit.

Right now, this is the best deal that’s available to everyone.

That said, Smile Direct has a nice discount code for students, military (both active and retired), and teachers. These groups can score $150 off their aligners.

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