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Byte Reviews - Best Home Teeth Aligners
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Byte has the best customer support, fastest treatment timeline, and more. Get 70% off your Impression Kit + $100 off aligners through our special offer.

Money matters. That’s why, from a relatively young age, we’re taught to create a budget and stick to it. For a lot of people, that budget doesn’t include dream purchases, like a new car, the latest gadget, a new designer jacket, a trip to the spa, or even orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is a pipe dream for many because it doesn’t fit in the budget. Or, at least, that’s how it used to work. Traditional orthodontic methods, like braces and Invisalign, can be too pricey for some budgets. On average, they’ll set you back $5,000 or more.

But today, those aren’t the only options. At-home clear aligners leverage technology similar to Invisalign to bring you orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your own home. Since there are hardly any overhead costs for at-home aligners, the price point hovers around $1,800 to $2,200.

At-home aligner companies also offer financing options to split that cost into manageable monthly payments. Between affordability and the sheer convenience of home-based treatment, at-home aligners are shaking up the orthodontia industry.

Looking For The Best Teeth Aligner? Make sure you’re getting the best price, customer support, and overall value. Many readers prefer comparing Byte (our favorite home clear aligner) to the two most well-known providers, CandidCo and Smile Direct Club:

Smile Direct Club vs Byte ~ CandidCo vs Byte

About Byte

Byte DiscountByte is our top-ranked at-home aligner company.

We love them for a lot of reasons: they offer great value (more on this in a moment), they’re the fastest treatment option, they offer a byte-for-life guarantee, and they offer a nighttime treatment option.

Between their treatment speed and their nighttime treatments, Byte is a highly convenient option. On average, Byte users usually only need to wear their aligners for just 3 months (or 4-6 for nighttime-only treatment). Byte’s nighttime treatment (called Byte At-Night) also allows customers to wear their aligners for just 10 hours per night instead of 22.

One of our favorite features is Byte’s lifetime guarantee. If your teeth ever shift post-treatment, Byte will send you new aligners to bring your smile back to perfection.

Byte Discount – What it Covers

Who doesn’t love to score a deal? You do, and we’ve got you covered. Let’s talk about Byte’s discounts.

Currently, the best discount for Byte is an exclusive code for our readers. You’ll score 70% off your impression kit and $100 off your aligners, reducing your impression kit cost from $95 to just $29.95.

If you submit your impressions and Byte’s orthodontists determine you’re a good candidate, you’ll then receive the $100 discount on your aligner treatment.

Byte Discount

Other than that, Byte does provide year-round $100 discounts for students, military members, and first responders. Plus, if you’re on their email list, they’ll send special offers every once and a while for $100 – $150 off your aligners.

Byte Pricing

Byte lists their base price at $1,895 for daytime treatment and $2,245 for Byte At-Night, but the above discounts could take it as low as $1,695-$1,795. Byte lands in the middle of the pack for total cost compared to other companies, whose sticker prices range from $1,749 to $2,400.

Byte also offers financing called BytePay. And since there’s no credit check, financing is available to everyone. As long as you can make the $249 down payment, you’ll be eligible for an $83 per month payment plan.

Byte Pricing

Byte includes a fair bit of value for that price, too. Here’s what your $1,895 (or $2,245) will get you:

  • All aligners in your treatment plan
  • A bottle of BrightByte, the whitening system
  • Your first set of post-treatment retainers
  • The HyperByte device

What makes Byte’s treatment bundle such a good value? Their HyperByte device. If you bought it separately, you’d have to shell out nearly $700, but it’s included in your kit. (Orthodontists sometimes sell a similar device for $800-$1,000). HyperByte speeds up your treatment, so it’s a must-have if you choose byte for their treatment speed.

The included post-treatment retainers will save you money too since other companies charge an extra $100 for them after you’re finished with your aligners. You’ll eventually need to replace them (they wear out over time), but wearing retainers will protect the investment you’ve made in your smile.

Learn More About Byte

Curious about Byte? You can check out our full review here, where we cover important factors such as company track record, treatment speed, customer reviews, treatment designers, and much more. It’s worth a look if you’re leaning towards Byte.

All told, Byte is a great option for those who want to balance a speedy treatment option with a competitive value. In fact, Byte is our favorite at-home aligner service.

However, we don’t want to rush you in your decision. You need to pick what works best for you, and there are a few other options worth considering. AlignerCo, Candid, and Smile Direct are three of the most popular alternatives to Byte. Here’s a flyby of how Byte compares:

  • Byte vs AlignerCo: Byte is a fantastic value, but their price point is not the cheapest. If you need a super budget-friendly option, then you should look into AlignerCo. Their sticker price comes in at just $1,145. They may not offer any free extras like whitening, but since they’re hundreds cheaper than other competitors, it balances out.
  • Byte vs Candid: At $2,400 Candid costs more than Byte. However, that price is higher because of Candid’s Remote Monitoring, which provides extensive orthodontist oversight. Throughout treatment, you’ll use your phone to take periodic scans of your teeth, and your orthodontist will modify your treatment as needed.
  • Byte vs Smile Direct: Byte and Smile Direct are the only two options that offer nighttime treatment options. In general, we prefer Byte, but Smile Direct makes it easier to start treatment by maintaining SmileShops. If you visit one, the staff will take digital scans of your teeth for free, allowing you to skip the impression process.


overall rating
Byte Reviews - Best Home Teeth Aligners
Get Your Byte Discount

Byte has the best customer support, fastest treatment timeline, and more. Get 70% off your Impression Kit + $100 off aligners through our special offer.

Byte is a fantastic option for home aligners, so if you’re drawn to them, go for it. They’re our favorite service. They give speedy treatment, an overall good value, and they stand behind their product with their Byte-For-Life guarantee. Those factors together provide a lot of peace of mind about the future of your smile.

Byte’s $1,895 sticker price may seem like a lot, but it’s thousands cheaper than both braces and Invisalign. And thanks to this discount, you’ll score nearly $160 off.

Not sold on Byte? You can explore your other options on our website. From the 4 best home teeth aligners to in-depth comparisons, we’ve got answers to all your at-home teeth aligner questions.